Post 11 – Covid 19 – Not In My Building !

Living in a strata building means sharing common areas such as lifts, carparks, garbage rooms and stairwells.The virus knows no boundaries so you may find that the virus has turned up in your building.

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In this circumstance, any person with a positive test must self isolate/quarantine within their unit for 14 days. Everyone else in the Building or Scheme or Complex must remain under the same Health Orders as everyone else in NSW.

Post 12 – Strata Committee & Strata Manager

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It is very important that where a Manager has been hired to carry out some delegated duties by an Owners Corporation through the Strata Committee. Legally therefore, a Starta Manager may act as the agent of the Owners Corporation. These relationships work in the knowledge that the Strata Manager is in a business relationship with an Owners Corporation – and that the Owners have elected a Strata Committee to manage that business relationship.

A Strata manager is the servant of the customer (the Owners Corporation).

Post 1 – Problems With Airbnb

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Airbnb problems in Barcelona, Spain Almost half of holiday rentals in Spain’s second-largest city are unlicensed according to the council, which makes them illegal.

Last year Barcelona fined Airbnb €600,000 for refusing to adhere to local laws by continuing to advertise unlicensed properties.

Post 2 – NSW Housing Supply

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The NSW Government has implemented a new statewide regulatory framework for short-term rental accommodation (STRA), which includes a new planning framework, fire safety standards for STRA dwellings and a new Government-run STRA Register. The new framework compliments the mandatory Code of Conduct and changes to strata legislation made by the Department of Customer Service.

The new regulatory framework seeks to ensure local communities continue to enjoy the economic benefits of STRA, while managing potential adverse impacts.

Post 3 – STRA Register

STRA Register

This post is all about the need for every host to make sure they have registered their property on the NSW Short Term Letting Register – and has been marked with the Tags “STL Register” and “Hosts” and the Category of “Short Term Letting”.

The department has developed a Government-run STRA Register that will be integrated with booking platform providers. Registration on the STRA Register is a mandatory requirement before you can undertake STRA in NSW and requires the registrant to confirm the STRA dwelling complies with the relevant fire safety standards.

Registration on the STRA Register will be available from 10 April 2021 to allow hosts to register their dwellings before the new planning rules commence on the 1 November 2021.

Post 4 – Covid-19 Impacts on Regional Housing Markets and Communities

This post is focused on the way in which COVID 19 and particularly the Delta variant, is a threat to apartment iving and vertical communities living in close proximity to each other. Therefore it has been marked as in the Category “Covid-19” as part of “Strata Living” and Tagged as “COVID-19” and “Building Lockdown”.

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Post 6 – PowerPoint on STL in the City – by OCN

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Post 5 – The NSW Strata Management Act

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Strata Scheme SP 99999

The matter is proceeding and I will be covering this with the Minister for Fair Trading, who seems to have learned everything she knows from Petronius, who observed that every time we were beginning to form up into teams we were reorganized. What a wonderful method it can be for creating the illusion of progress while actually producing confusion, inefficiency, and demoralization.

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Post 7 – Webinar – Buildings in Lockdown

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  1. Last week, I hosted a podcast on life under lockdown – and we covered what you can do if you believe there is anyone in isolation in your Scheme.
  2. If you missed the webinar you can hear it again here – Podcast 77

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