Post 12 – Strata Committee & Strata Manager

This is post is about Strata Committees and has been categorised as “Strata Committee” which is under “Strata Living”. I have tagged the post “Strata Manager” and Owners Corporation” It is very important that where a Manager has been hired to carry out some delegated duties by an Owners Corporation through the Strata Committee. Legally … More Post 12 – Strata Committee & Strata Manager

Post 10 – Strata Committee Officers

Each strata committee is elected by the Members present at an AGM. That committee wil then appoint a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. Whereas a Member of a Strata Committee can hold more than one of those three offices, it is better to have separate members take on those accountabilities.

Post 1 – Problems With Airbnb

This post has been marked as Category “AirBNB”. Airbnb problems in Barcelona, Spain Almost half of holiday rentals in Spain’s second-largest city are unlicensed according to the council, which makes them illegal. Last year Barcelona fined Airbnb €600,000 for refusing to adhere to local laws by continuing to advertise unlicensed properties.


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