Post 1 – Problems With Airbnb

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Airbnb problems in Barcelona, Spain Almost half of holiday rentals in Spain’s second-largest city are unlicensed according to the council, which makes them illegal.

Last year Barcelona fined Airbnb €600,000 for refusing to adhere to local laws by continuing to advertise unlicensed properties.

Post 2 – NSW Housing Supply

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The NSW Government has implemented a new statewide regulatory framework for short-term rental accommodation (STRA), which includes a new planning framework, fire safety standards for STRA dwellings and a new Government-run STRA Register. The new framework compliments the mandatory Code of Conduct and changes to strata legislation made by the Department of Customer Service.

The new regulatory framework seeks to ensure local communities continue to enjoy the economic benefits of STRA, while managing potential adverse impacts.

Post 3 – STRA Register

STRA Register

This post is all about the need for every host to make sure they have registered their property on the NSW Short Term Letting Register – and has been marked with the Tags “STL Register” and “Hosts” and the Category of “Short Term Letting”.

The department has developed a Government-run STRA Register that will be integrated with booking platform providers. Registration on the STRA Register is a mandatory requirement before you can undertake STRA in NSW and requires the registrant to confirm the STRA dwelling complies with the relevant fire safety standards.

Registration on the STRA Register will be available from 10 April 2021 to allow hosts to register their dwellings before the new planning rules commence on the 1 November 2021.

Post 6 – PowerPoint on STL in the City – by OCN

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Post 9 – AirBnB – “The Damage Done” – Slideshow

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The slides in this presentation show “the needles and damage done” in some apartment buildings that have been infested with a never ending stream of changing visitors – leaving behind the evidence of drug taking, wild parties, damaged and broken doors and fittings, carpets and windows – these were once real homes occupied by real residents – now lost and gone to the short term letting market.


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