Post 4 – Covid-19 Impacts on Regional Housing Markets and Communities

This post is focused on the way in which COVID 19 and particularly the Delta variant, is a threat to apartment iving and vertical communities living in close proximity to each other. Therefore it has been marked as in the Category “Covid-19” as part of “Strata Living” and Tagged as “COVID-19” and “Building Lockdown”.

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Post 7 – Webinar – Buildings in Lockdown

This post is about COVID 19 and so has been categorised as “COVID-19 – Safety & Planning” which appears under the parent category grouping “Strata Living” (as hopefully it will cease to be a big deal sometime soon.)

This post has been tagged as “COVID-19” and also as “Building Lockdown” as I think this may become a big issue for Strata as we come out of the current restrictions.

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  1. Last week, I hosted a podcast on life under lockdown – and we covered what you can do if you believe there is anyone in isolation in your Scheme.
  2. If you missed the webinar you can hear it again here – Podcast 77

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