Post 12 – Strata Committee & Strata Manager

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It is very important that where a Manager has been hired to carry out some delegated duties by an Owners Corporation through the Strata Committee. Legally therefore, a Starta Manager may act as the agent of the Owners Corporation. These relationships work in the knowledge that the Strata Manager is in a business relationship with an Owners Corporation – and that the Owners have elected a Strata Committee to manage that business relationship.

A Strata manager is the servant of the customer (the Owners Corporation).

Post 9 – AirBnB – “The Damage Done” – Slideshow

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The slides in this presentation show “the needles and damage done” in some apartment buildings that have been infested with a never ending stream of changing visitors – leaving behind the evidence of drug taking, wild parties, damaged and broken doors and fittings, carpets and windows – these were once real homes occupied by real residents – now lost and gone to the short term letting market.


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